Outdoor equipment - what should I get?

rays or anaconda just near northland will most likely have most of that stuff if you haven’t found it yet.

I have the sea to summit spark 2, amazing.

thx man but I got all of it (and a few other things) the other day at Aussie Disposals :slight_smile:

Nice! Just ordered a Spark SP1. Can’t wait to test out…

My setup:

Bag: Sea to Summit Spark SP1
Mat: Big Agnes Q-Core
Shelter: Tarptent Contrail

Will be able to share my thoughts on this gear when I finally use it next week riding from Davenport > Hobart

Where’d you buy the tarptent from? Is there an AU stockist?

I ordered directly from the website (paying intl shipping etc), but it was sent from QLD. Arrived the next day.

From the Kiwi Brevet thread:

Decided to go with a Mont-Bell tent that I got on clearance.

Spacious 2 person, small pack size and 1.3kgs total weight. Cheaper than the tarptent too. Isn’t freestanding but that doesn’t bother me greatly.

Z-Packs Hexamid, Sea to Summit Spark II and Neo Air…plus a sea to summit pillow (best purchase in 2014).


makes three!

Yeah I will be grabbing one of those pillows for sure.

Those of you with an enlightened equipment bag - can you share pics of it packed down? Also any reviews, concerns etc. Looking to pull the trigger soon and am tossing up between one of those or a sea to summit trek I. The ultralight bags are probably a bit too expensive for my needs.

Have a look at Keith’s

This pillow? Buy Sea to Summit Aeros UltraLight Pillow Online | Paddy Pallin

EE Revelation reg/reg -6C in a S2S XS compressible bag. Straps are pulled up to their limit, but wouldn’t go much more anyway. ~600g

I found it fine to what I think was 7C; the coldest I’ve been able to try it in. I wasn’t all sealed up in it at that temp too.

Yup. Regular size is fine. 59g and tiny when packed. Stick your puffer over it or something.

-6 hey. I was going to go for the -1 as it will be unlikely I will be camping out in Canberra winter weather.

I’ve done Canberra winter in my -1 sleeping bag. It’s not pleasant but doable. I would get a get a -6 and a 5 one for winter/summer duties if I was made of money.

-6C is still tiny, light, and easily openable for when it’s warm. I bought it for use down to 0C in the NZ mountains in Feb.

And what do you mean not camping in Winter? Sooky. Camping is good all year.

It is only a little more $'s for the -6. I really don’t want to buy multiple bags at this point… hopefully a one bag for all camping duties will do the job, I am just concerned about a -6 being too hot for summer camping. Anyway, I will grab Keiths and see how it goes.

I’m going to get a -6 and just lay on it or a sheet in summer