Outdoor equipment - what should I get?

Hillbilly Camping Gear direct on-line sales of blue steel Camp Ovens, frypans and CookStands

  • 1 for Mont. Got my sleeping bag there, it’s a Helium 450. 450 g, -7. Does not tick the box of the small pack size, but it’s good for Canberra climate. I used for the overnighter we did with you, Adz etc and I was almost too hot.

yeah, fuck all at Kathmandu really. I went to Northland though, the store there is pretty average. will need to head to the massive outlet on smith st to see what they stock.

that’s the stuff I’m after boyracer, probably not the best stuff to get posted. cheers mate.

anyone know of a store in Melb with the sort of stuff in the above link?

anyone wanna buy a Kathmandu voucher off me?!

I really want to do an overnight adventure to the Victorian alps next year,
Hike/ski tour in camp a night and ski/hike out.
I’ll have to start getting some gear sorted

good stuff for car based camping…not weenie at all.
If they do a 4wd/camping expo in your area they would be there.

This sounds rad and is something I would love to do. Hut, tent or snow cave?

Late to the show, but…

Tent: I have a Salewa Micra. It’s a “1.5” person, meaning there’s loads of room for you and your gear, or you and your partner in a squeeze. It’s a lot heavier and probably doesn’t pack up as small as some of the other dedicated 1-person tents available, but the pros are great:

  • incredibly stable in high wind
  • high roof, meaning you can sit up in it easily
  • long floor, which for 193cm guys like me, is great
  • “loft” shelf - good for putting your headlamp, book, etc. on
  • simple, colour-coded two pole snap design for easy setup
    I’ve had it for about five years now, and am very pleased with it. I got it from Bogong Equipment, and it looks like they still do them, but are currently out of stock. I’m sure it’s available elsewhere though.

Mat: Basic 2.5cm air cell mat from MEC in Canada. Again, about five years old, so probably falling behind in the weight/size stakes these days, but at the time it was a good buy, and about half the price of a similar Thermarest model. They deliver internationally, and their return/warranty policy is amazing. Ask fellow Canadian resident, and FOA lurker Nik Cee about them

Bag: EPE Cocoon Zero: Cheaper than others synthetic, at the time about half the price of similar, better quality name brand stuff. It’s been fine, but definitely need thermals on during colder nights. It’s still available in its current form at wildearth.com.au

Stove: Fifteen year old Primus propane/butane canister model. All steel pot base and valve assembly. Obviously heavier than others like the Kovea or Optimus models, but solid, and packs small. I also have a Trangia knockoff hobo metho stove made by Alocs. very similar to the Trangia mini, but Chinese made and way cheaper. Can be had on eBay for about $10.

That’s all for now.

rays or anaconda just near northland will most likely have most of that stuff if you haven’t found it yet.

I have the sea to summit spark 2, amazing.

thx man but I got all of it (and a few other things) the other day at Aussie Disposals :slight_smile:

Nice! Just ordered a Spark SP1. Can’t wait to test out…

My setup:

Bag: Sea to Summit Spark SP1
Mat: Big Agnes Q-Core
Shelter: Tarptent Contrail

Will be able to share my thoughts on this gear when I finally use it next week riding from Davenport > Hobart

Where’d you buy the tarptent from? Is there an AU stockist?

I ordered directly from the website (paying intl shipping etc), but it was sent from QLD. Arrived the next day.

From the Kiwi Brevet thread:

Decided to go with a Mont-Bell tent that I got on clearance.

Spacious 2 person, small pack size and 1.3kgs total weight. Cheaper than the tarptent too. Isn’t freestanding but that doesn’t bother me greatly.

Z-Packs Hexamid, Sea to Summit Spark II and Neo Air…plus a sea to summit pillow (best purchase in 2014).


makes three!

Yeah I will be grabbing one of those pillows for sure.

Those of you with an enlightened equipment bag - can you share pics of it packed down? Also any reviews, concerns etc. Looking to pull the trigger soon and am tossing up between one of those or a sea to summit trek I. The ultralight bags are probably a bit too expensive for my needs.

Have a look at Keith’s

This pillow? Buy Sea to Summit Aeros UltraLight Pillow Online | Paddy Pallin