Outdoor equipment - what should I get?

I have bad ju-ju feeling about the fact that Kathmandu is always somehow on sale. Something with a profit margin that low surely can’t be great for durability/quality.

Trust me when i say the profit margin is still huge for them.

This is handy. For anyone who couldn’t be farked reading:

  1. Always store SB in loose storage bag when not on a trip
  2. Always sleep with an inner
  3. If bag is dirty, can be cleaned at home using following method:
    [li]Undo zippers, soak SB overnight in bath of lukewarm water.[/li]
    [li]Hand wash using a non-detergent soap (or specialty down soap). Gently knead suds through SB. (If SB is really grimy, leave it submerged in soapy water for a few hours.)[/li]
    [li]Rinse with fresh water until all traces of soap removed.[/li]
    [li]Drain water and gently press out excess water from SB.[/li]
    [li]Carefully move bag to a drying spot out of direct sunlight. Warm, dry days (air) are best. Pat the SB down from both sides to help minimise down clumping. SB may need days to dry fully. [/li][/ul]
    Alternatively, SB can be dried in large tumble dryer if it has low heat and low spin settings. Throw a tennis ball in to break up clumps. (Note: will still take ages to dry so expect to use in addition to air drying).

seems to have done the trick.


The profit margin isn’t that low… The initial price is based off the whole import + duties + wholesale margin + retail ++

When they do it all themselves the sale price is closer to what a typical retail shops model is.

I got my girl a down bag of theirs for $200. Full zip. Weighs 1kg. Comfy to just below zero.

Has had a good 50+ nights use.

Rug shop pricing model.


Anyone had much use with nail type pegs for tents? i’ve had it with my current alloy V style jobs, even they are bending and I think they were a decent brand. I seem to camp 90% of the time on very hard ground and am bashing pegs in with mucho gusto, mostly with rocks.
So, i was thinking of ti nails, seem like a long-term investment. I can’t imagine the easton carbon things taking too much of a beating with non-hammer objects doing the whacking? But I’ve no experience, keen to hear yours.

Best ones I’ve used at the Y-pegs on my Hilleberg: Hilleberg the Tentmaker - Accessories - Pegs

Edit, the Y-peg… like hte groundhog, i like/love the look but wonder how hard it would be to knock in with so much surface area? which hilleberg do you have?
i know its almost certainly down to me not hitting perfectly staight on, but i can’t promise that will ever get any better. I understand the V seciton should be better at not bending than a straight nail, but hoping that the thicker nails will be solid, like these ones
Vargo Titanium Nail peg | Ultralight Outdoor Gear which are more than 50% heavier than their ultralight version, but still pretty light.

My Tarptent came with these:

Wasn’t too sure about them initially, but pretty convinced now. They bang in well with a rock. I use 4 of these, and 4 of the shittier smaller MSR ones for extra guying if necessary. Haven’t used a groundhog style peg. They look OK though.

[QUOTE=JP;594597]Edit, the Y-peg… like hte groundhog, i like/love the look but wonder how hard it would be to knock in with so much surface area? which hilleberg do you have?

I have the Nammajt 2. You might be right about getting the Y-pegs into very hard ground, though we’ve always been able to find a crack to bang the peg into, or a tree/rock to tie the string to. The Nammatj is relatively free-standing though so you can get away with minimal pegs so long as it’s not howling.

Right on… i am going to get some nails :slight_smile: Might grab a single mini-groundhog from paddys and see how it goes getting belted around. WCP, they look like good units… happy to hear they are working out.
I think lack of grab from nails in slushy soil would be a very small concern around most parts of Aus.

I have ‘V’ pegs that came with my Big Agnes Tents, work fine.

Bought myseld a Ti cup today to take bike camping, 600ml going to use it as a small pot to heat water for dehi meals and coffee etc, going to make a lid out of a foil tray when I get home to NZ tommorrow.

Alright camp kids - with all the sales on now, it would be a good time for me to get some gear. I just need a sleeping bag. Requirements are:

  • Small pack size
  • Hood
  • Roomy-ish as I don’t like to feel like I am in a straight jacket when I sleep


I’m off to Kathmandu during the cricket lunch break to spend my $80 Xmas voucher. not really sure they have the stuff I’m after (jaffle iron/cast iron pot/billy can) but I’m sure I’ll find somethin.

otherwise there might be an $80 voucher up for sale shortly… :stuck_out_tongue:

as for sleeping bags, is there a decent store you can go & check out, chew their ear off about what you want/need?

edit - I’ve often asked questions instore & then googled reviews of the product they recommend.

Enlightened equipment quilt. + hood.

Yup. NTBD.

Here’s my reg/reg -6C packed away.

650g (no hood). Packs up tiny. I’m in love. Have slept at 10C out on the deck and was warm as, couldn’t keep it done right up. Should be good to 0C.

I don’t know heaps about it, but if were stuck on proper bags, I’d be looking at the new Sea to Summit ultralight ones.

Yeah the sea to summit trek 1 were on my radar. The online shop I was looking at just sold out of them.

I really like the look of the enlightened equipment stuff, but am just a little concerned about getting cold in them. I guess I can always add a liner in.

I know the hill’s in canberra get a bit icier than down here.

The coldest I’ve had mine in so far is maybe a breeezy 5°c. It is rated to -6 and had no issues. It does take a few nights to learn how to tuck it in… T

he typical argument I’ve seen hardcore quilt guys throw out is with a full bag, the compressed down is useless as insulation anyway and is just a waste. The bonus of a quilt is if its hot, simply don’t tuck it in. Plus its smaller and lighter due to no zip and less insulation/material.

I sleep like an octopus fighting a walrus, and even in a big square bag get tangled and cant sleep.

Being in canberra you’d be mad to not stick your head into the mont store. They make some pretty damn good kit that should be on your shortlist too.

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