Overnighter this Saturday 12/12

I’ve got a leave pass this Saturday night, so I can go for an overnighter from about 2-3pm Saturday til midday Sunday.
Anybody want to join me? I’m open to routes and destinations, paved/dirt.
Obvious options are
[li]the hut on northern Centenary Trail[/li][li]Blue Range hut[/li][li]Orroral campground[/li][li]Apollo campground[/li][/ul]

Sounds fantastic, but alas I think I’m out.

Bumping this.
Most probably going to Honeysuckle or Orroral. That means road bike accessible and drinking water availability.

Sorry, I’ll be in Melbourne. Next one though

maaaaate that bump is torture

I don’t mind going alone but company is always nice.

What time are you leaving? I might be able to do some of the ride out with you.

Around 2 or 3pm

ah ok, yeah that’s not gonna work for me unfortunately. Sorry mate.

Adam, any idea what time you’re coming back tomorrow? I slept in today so considering doing a few hills reps then something longer tomorrow. Might be able to ride out somewhere and join you on the way back in.

Leaving early, probably 7-7.30