OZBIKESTAR wheels... ??

does anyone know anything of the wheels built by the guy running OZBIKESTAR on ebay out of Adelaide


wondering what the quality of build and parts are like if anyone has any experience with them


dude, your questions are starting to shit me. here’s the rule once more:

cheap / light / strong - pick two.

now figure out the rest for yourself.

dude, your answers are starting to shit me. here’s the rule once more:

dick / wanker / get-over-yourself - pick two.

not everyone is as bright as you and are not all made of $$… figure out the rest for yourself.

Maybe you didn’t see this post Stop fucking around

I personally want to see a showdown (on the track at dawn) between brendan and kuupolkadoesntknowwhentoshutuppa

Here is something constructive…
I paid around the same price from an ebay dealer for a set of deep v’s and i had problems with them as soon as a started riding with them. I suggest that if you have a bit of dosh, or can save up for it, buy some wheel with decent hubs, they will last. Or, you can risk it and go ahead and buy the cheaper like I did, but just ride carefully and dont skid too often…

nah… hadn’t seen that post lsr… it is fair enough… looks like mr brendan definitely hasn’t seen it either as he could not answer with the decency like joshbl098 could… and it maybe seems as if you may need to re-read it too with a comment like kuupolkadoesntknowwhentoshutuppa since all I was doing was asking a simple question… sure a dumb one to the almighty ones but still a legit question as proved by josh

that is the sort of answer I was looking for… yeah they are cheap rims… yeah sometimes you may get a good deal… but hell yeah in the long run it most often doesn’t work out the best… that is a decent sort of answer that is perfectly on track with reference to the request for anyone with “experience” with such wheels.

Not every one needs or even wants or has the dosh for B43s and maybe is just looking for a decent cheapish set of wheels for a convert beater.

B43’s don’t rank that highly, but glad you got the answer you were after.

careful sunshine. we’re on a perma-ban kick around here…