ozneddy's fake pink 3rensho road bike on gold coast

3 Rensho race bike | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Gold Coast City - Highland Park

nice cheap pink 3rensho road bike on gumtree on the gold coast. so i do some digging:

3rensho mystery ! (Very Pic Heavy)

the dude knows it’s fake. it’s a nishiki at best. look at the pics in the bikeforums thread compared to the pics he’s used to sell the thing on gumtree. asshats are everywhere. dude has just lost any credibility with me.

That Casati he has is nice, split seat stay caps, super record.

Sorry to hear about that Munga, no rensho for your birthday. :frowning:

covered in sea salt spray and a bargain at $1250 … dreamin.

Yeah not at that price though.

Nice work, Munga. Let’s call him out, shall we? 3rensho mystery ! (Very Pic Heavy)

gypsy, i’d be more sorry if i’d not noticed till i got it home.

look at you two!!! called neddy out and he got owned…

conspicuous by his absence. pulled his ad quicksmart though. hopefully he thinks twice before trying to swindle someone, but i’m probably being idealistic.

Some people forget that the internet is forever. And searchable.

is the seller an FOA member? if not, could they see this thread considering it’s in the Trading Access section? or do they get a summary of the comments as a link back?

Full story here, Rolly

Edit: Munga already posted the links. My bad

ah, now I get it, must actually follow links before asking questions.

carry on folks…

I spoke to the guy yesterday about another bike for some one else,
He sounded about 60 and drove a truck and couldnt while driving.
The 3rensho is clearly not a rensho, it clearly is not a rensho.
The abeni looked nice though.