PA / DJ Setup advice. For DDCX

Hey all,

So Dirty Deeds Cyclocross is expanding into rave culture and gonna get a PA setup.

We’re fairly sussed on what we are gonna get (what we ran a coburg velodrome last year), mixer, two mics, 2/4 powered speakers with stands.

What I would like some advice on is:

  1. Anyone here work at place that sells that gear and might like to ‘sponsor’ DDCX by giving us a discount in return for some promotion at races etc.

  2. If not, anyone have a good place to buy such gear from?

Yours faithfully

^ If Pinzo’s on stage to deliver a selection of his finests dad jokes I’ll come down.

Other than that, I got no advice to give on PAs and such.

They can’t afford me.

I think you’ll find when delivering dad jokes through a public announcement system they’re actually Pa jokes


ppl have been banned for less!

sure to get some quality feedback for that classic.