Paconi - Gears or Fixie ?

Just got a Paconi and thinking of keeping it geared… any shame in not making it fixie??

May go that way down the track.


have pic but can’t post??

Vintage gears is the new fixed, didn’t you know? it has overtaken cyclocross which was supposed to be the new fixed but was hampered by lack of supply of bikes.

What about a vintage fixed gear cyclocross?

I think bikes are the new fixed.

How is there a lack of supply of 'cross bikes? Or is it a lack of supply of 2nd hand 'cross bikes?

As you can see from this graph, cyclocross currently dominates ‘fixed gear’, but is highly cyclical (sorry pun police), but fixed gear is still gaining. There has been a significant downturn in fixed gear related traffic from 3Q08, possibly due to them having a similar investment return as a tranche of “BB” rated NINJA mortgages."fixed+gear"%2C+"track+bike"&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=0

However, ‘pista’ is still the clear leader:

(I would like to see a comparison of the PistaDex and the Dow over the last 12 months, but I don’t have any contacts in the finance industry who will release this information to me)

As such, in these uncertain economic times, I’ve converted my investments to a fund made up of bicycles, diversified as follows: 40% vintage road, 20% mid-school road, 20% cargo & 20% cross/city. When the next big thing blows up and Kanye starts to rap about it I’ll be poised to make a killing! :roll:

But seriously, a nice steel road bike is a joy to ride and aesthetically pleasing to boot. No shame in keeping it that way.


also sounds like I need to diversify the portfolio as well though.

I’m way overweight in road at 67%, track 17% and fixed road at 17%…

you want daily or tick-by-tick?

I don’t have a cross bike but I do have a cross wife.

it seems cyclocross hits, corrospnod with the season

personally im betting on this

Tick by tick, I’ll dispatch a carrier pigeon post haste.

So I take it your wife has more in common with Spanish banking regulations than Icelandic?

Footnote: The crash of 1929 was actually caused by the 1928 introduction of the Osgear derailleur, causing a collapse in the sprocket & lockring market, having far reaching consequences.

woo one-to-one gearing!

I want 101% bikes as well! What’s your secret?

Personally I reckon the market is ready for tandem recumbent pushmepullyou rowing/pedalling CX fixed unicycles.

I’m an engineer, what can you expect! Its within an order of magnitude.

a sensible cyclist would have a downhill fixed gear single speed 29er with bullhorn bars barends and sti shifters…and maybe 40+cable ties on there helmet

and a vest flapping in the wind

yes yes the vest certainley an important piece of kit along with a carboard ring cut out at home gaffa taped to ones helmet to protect ones self from the sun… recycled gaffa of course

keep the gears!

if its got shifter gears… oohhh druel