Paging Rolly - Hilman Track - Warrnambool

Vintage Fixed Wheel Track Bicycle | eBay

Cool ride … thought i’d be wary about how extensive the rust on the chromed areas is.

If it didn’t have decals I’d be thinking it was Hoffy.

Seat stays are nice.

With a fair bit of work could be a nice bike.

I’d leave it as is and ride it. “Fair bit of work” means re-chrome and then it would need new paint. Not worth it, but that just my opinion.

and we all know how misleading the ol hillman decals are…

i’m flattered kreyziest, but i already have a real hillman, a fake hillman, and an actual track bike (fuji), so i’m gonna leave this one. shame the rust is bad :frowning:

^ shame about the rust, i couldn’t see properly on ma phone :frowning:

The paint chips reveal red underneath - possible respray, possible “Hillman”.

No love for McBain any more? Looks like it would’ve been a nice bike way back when. It’s got those crappy Weinmann aero levers on it, the ones that wont stop a bike.

Serial number is not easy to read at all. Looks like the bike has had a respray. Looks like it starts with 5. Could be 58984, 5961…I really can’t make it out. NERVEX is also stamped under the BB.


They sound like numbers that are cast into the shell from the manufacturer which have the angles and info (the builder needs to know and use this info).