Painting a frame

Hey guys, i was wondering what would be the best way of painting an old frame.

Talking about:

  • What paint to use
  • How many coats
  • How many clear coats
  • Whether or not to strip the old paint and how to do that.

Cheers :slight_smile:

  • Automotive rattle can paints work well for home jobs, dont expect it to last forever
  • Two minimum, expecially if its light colours or metallics
  • You dont have to clear coat
  • Definitely remove it, or at least sand the whole thing smooth.

Is it steel or aluminium? I did an alum frame that came up alright. Sanded back to pretty much bare metal, etch primed, two coats auto paint (black gloss with yellow ends). YMMV.

i did a search, found a thread about painting frames. it had a link in it.

here it is:

How to Paint Frames (Plow Style)

seems pretty comprehensive.

this took less time than it would’ve taken you to start the thread.

this subject has been done to death.

sorry, i’m in a shit mood today, hope this helps

this took less time than it would’ve taken you to start the thread.

this subject has been done to death.

Ah, thanks rolly,
i know i could have searched it, but i was after some good personal experience :slight_smile:

Dont strip old paint - just give it a light sand and then paint over it. Only strip if really rusty/crap. If you strip you need to prime/undercoat.

Use some decent paint. Try ironlak or similar. Good reports on that stuff.

Roll up some paper to put in BB and headtube to avoid getting too much paint in there.

Consider getting it powdercoated. Might cost less and be a better job in the end.

Dewd, take it to a place that does powder coating. they will sand blast it, re prime it and give you a original quality look paint job. that is your best option. some place charge as little as 50 bucks where as some others charge more.
I first spent about a week manually sanding my frame and primed it and painted it myself with duplicolor rattle cans. It was shit house. You have to be really careful if you wona do it that way. You wona do one coat of primer, let it dry over night, then anotehr coat, let ti dry, then another, let it dry, then apply the spray EVENLY, let it dry over night, another coat, let it dry over night, then another, and you should be ok. but if you get dust or dirt or shit in the wet paint your fucked.
I had hated my job so i took it to a powder coated, charged me 50 bucks and it literally looks like i bought a brand new frame.
Its not expensive dude and its the best option.

i second that ive been down the automotive rattle can job never looks right. ironlak is good but its a graff paint, its thick, deep and is bright but not for a frame and a primer and two coats and a clear will cost the same as a powder coat my local charges $60.
this includes bead blast primer and powder coat.

Im on my 3rd frame, I usually spend about 6 hours prep and get it powdercoated.
Do not paint it your self.
My first frame was a learning curve, I spent 18 hours on prep and sprayed it myself after spending $60 on quality primer, top coat and clear didn’t turn out as well as the ones I have had powdercoated for $20 cheaper. If you can find someone to blast and spray/powder for $100ish, then trust me its worth your while. Its what I’m doing next.

powdercoat looks shit.