Pake track frames

Stumbled across this:

Haven’t dealt with these guys before but US$172.99 seems halfway reasonable, shipping about $US70. Frame only, bog basic tange 4130 (sort of like a surly?), only big sizes left, any colour you like so long as it’s black.

Thinkin’ about pulling the trigger on a Pake C’Mute frame for the daily C’mute.

looks reasonable enough, with or without fork?

see above…frame only

one of the messengers here has a pake frame.
he likes it.
he broke it and got it replaced with minimal trouble.
they seem to be decent quality, bog basic cheap frames.
his looks pretty good.

if you got some of those CHUB hubs for it, the branding typography would match :wink:

far too many sites have the “click for zoom” only to open up a new window with a “zoomed” image that is like 25% bigger. I still can’t see shit. n00bs.

no argument from me. more here

in case you had difficulty finding it yourself… :evil:

Looks fine.

also looks like they fixed the kerning issue. :evil:

bloody typo geeks :wink:

left handed front brakes freak me out. I had one on my fixie for a bit as a mate bought a set of TT levers and only wanted one. problem is that they’re L/R specific. I thought it was handy for being able to brake better while indicating to turn right but it just freaked me out. ended up with a set of Profile QS2 levers which are MUCH nicer than the dia-compe freebie.

(i do realise that the front brake tends to be the left one in most parts of the world. at least sheldon brown agreed that this is stupid)

Why does it matter?

How is that lever L/R specific?

I can’t see how it could be.

dia compe ones are they even have L and R stamped on,
THe cable is supposed to go to the outside of the bars, they could be run the other way easily enough

IIRC this was partly due to being able to indicate with his left on American roads :wink:

I prefer to rely on my dominant hand for the majority of my braking. I guess it feels wierd to do it any other way. I’m sure if I grew up with it reversed or was a south paw it’d be fine. I guess the biggest thing for me was that all my other bikes had right lever for the front brake and I didn’t want to risk muddling up my emergency reflexes.

I do recall and instance in early high school where a mate of mine was having a go on my bike. he got up to a decent speed and slammed on the brake, presumably trying to do a sick skid and to his surprise and my amusement went flying over the handlebars and hit the dirt. As the bike came crashing down on top of him, the end of the bars whacked him square in the nuts. good times.

hahahahahaha brilliant

I like that we have so many type nerds on here.