▲ Panasonic Shred Sled ▲

About time I posted up another one from the stable. Whilst I’ve got a few bikes in my collection, I have more recently cut down the amount of actual riders. I’ve had this one for a about a 18 months. Originally built with bits from the parts bin. After riding it pretty hard for 12 months, including a stint as my #messlyf bike it was time to upgrade it. Just before leaving Brisbane, I finished the rebuild and finally got to test it out on the weekend. Thought it was appropriate to photo this bike whilst loaded. One more change to come, I need to ream the 26.6mm seat tube out to 26.8mm and that will allow me to run a setback post which is much needed. More photos; Photobucket

Panasonic Spring Bok (1992*)

Dura Ace 7410 headset
Steel bullmoose bars (silver ceramic coated)
Ritchey foam grips
Suntour XC Pro thumbies
Suntour XC Pro Brake Levers

Suntour XC Pro Cantilever w/ Kool Stop Pads
Suntour XC Pro Front & Rear Mechs
White Industries Cranks 46/34/22 (Sugino made)
Time Atac
Shimano BB
Shimano Chain
Shimano 7sp 13-30t Cassette

Velocity 700c Synergy (Brisbane made)
DT Swiss Champ
DT Hugi Hubs
Rock’n’Road Tyres

Thomson Seat Post
Gilles Berthoud Saddle

2 x VO Mohave Cages
2 x Nalgene 1L

Surly Front Rack
Wald 13" basket
Carradice Long Flap & Carradice support
Oveja Negra chuck bucket


Yeah, very very nice.

So rad.


Obnoxious hubs…thumbs up!

A man after my own heart

Very on trend. Very cool.