Paris-Roubaix .... I think I'm gonna wet my pants !!

It’s tonight folks and my fave is Cancellara not because of his recent form but because his hairstyle/slight moustache combo makes him look like Bulgarian used car salesman. Very (ironic) fashion.

Also excited because the whole peleton rides on fat tyres and the bikes look so right (for once).

Oh yeah … I don’t wear pants :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeh, I’m gonna try and stay awake for the whole race this time. Although the selection of fine Trappist ales I’ve acquired might say otherwise…

Pariiii - Roubaix =


They should totally bring back suspension road forks!

They should bring back the rain!

Good to see that Phinney will be riding by passion, not wattage, YEAH!

Cancellara the man to beat.
Greipel could be a danger if given some latitude.
Watching Turbo Durbo with interest too.

There will be a winner, and some cobbles.

Take note people, HMC’s ProTour predictions are never wrong.

Anyone know of a live stream or which channel?

The publicity caravan is about to leave the start area in Compiegne.

From Evans Cycles Facebook..

SBS at 9:30pm

Cannondale gettin’ aero with their bottom brackets.

From Evans Cycles Facebook..

Perfect, I’ll be in tonight. My alarm is now set.

I was in a rush when I asked so thanks for replying, I really should have just searched myself. I’m sure someone else was wondering.

Plenty of alternatives here for the true live experience. Scroll down 2013 Paris-Roubaix Live Video, Route, Startlist, Results, Photos, TV

After a 7am tee off and 2pm kick off at soccer I’m in need of a sleep pre roubaix…
Bring it on!

my tv guide says 10:30pm…?

10:30pm on sbs and 9pm on Eurosport

Daylight savings…?

It just said 9.30pm on SBS

yeah, thought that. will be checking at 9:30 anyway.