Paris Roubaix (much lower tech than Antmandan)

Paris-Roubaix live at Cicli Spirito - You are not alone !!

Low tech but free. Come join me to watch SBS’s free to air coverage on a Palsonic 19" tv. Coffee machine will be running all night, there’ll be a bucket of ice if you wish to BYO and it all kicks off on Sunday 8:30. The couch is big and comfy.

If anyone has a bigger TV and can hook it up with minimal fuss then holla at me :wink:

Might just swing on the way back from Newcastle CX!

Would if I could. I’d have to crash on the love seat and go straight to work on the Monday, and that just wouldn’t fly with parental duties…

Pending my locale after Sunday daytime shenanigans, this is of interest.

Lower tech, but far more flair!

It kind of conjours up this image in my mind (with Papa Spirito in the middle):

That’s funny!!

Dan, no probs … We can hose your bike down if it’s boring :wink:

Jono … You’re welcome, but that’s gonna take a months worth of brownie points with the Mrs. but there is a shower here and I can organise a pillow and blanket etc … Not tucking you in though !!

Swing on by Jim :wink:

Need to have some mud present

true dat !!

So low tech … I couldn’t even get reception !!!

Tried 3 different aerials and none of them worked. So Tonights cancelled, sorry :cold_sweat: