Park to Park ride - Sunday 28 October

Nigel and I were talking about doing a breakfast ride on Sunday.

Meet at Petersham Park and head to Centennial Park. Have coffee+breakfast and come back to Petersham Park

Idea would be to meet at Petersham park at about 7:30, to leave by 8. We’d be at Centennial by about 8:45.

was thinking this route:

Not sure if that link is working - it’s showing an automatic Google route along Cleveland St, which is not a great way to ride.

Hmm…not sure what the deal is with the link…but roughly I was thinking going via Addison and around Sydney Park and hitting centennial park from southern side.

But happy to do a different route.

I thought this was another gravel ride?

That’s pretty much my work route. I’d suggest cut down newinhron road and make your way to Sydney park. Then over to Buckland street and continue to Wellington road and cut down across to Bourke road over to more park to centennial park.

No gravel rides till I get something geared…or at least have someone to carry my backpack!

Thanks for the tip skullmtn…we’ll use that route.