park tool kit

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Bargain if you live in WA and it does not go for to much

yeah, bargain including shipping even, as long as it doesn’t go heaps higher.

i emailed the guy, he wants $500 ono…

considering it.

Not a bad price.
Too much overlap as I have most of this already.

my thoughts exactly, it would be a nice to have, but not essential. if it had a bb facing tool on the other hand…

park tool ak-37 kit from pbk isn’t that expensive though…looks like he ended it already. someone must’ve made a good offer!

+1 for that. And I need the headset press as I have the cheaper one which is fine but something of a pain.

cyclus make a good budget headset press and there taps are well priced.

Tool kit sold

to you?

Nope not to me…

someone should have put a bid on to take away the BIN… probs would have got it hell cheap at this time of year. If i had seen it I would have. Take one for the team yo.

There was a bid off $200

he ended it early by the looks

Park Tools AK-37 Advanced Bicycle Mechanic Tool Kit Bike tools | eBay

is this cheap???