Parking Erskinville, Redfern...

Morning Guys,

I need to drive into work once a week for a couple of weeks and wonder where I would be able to park it all day. I have no idea whatsoever but was thinking of parking it somewhere near Erskinville Station and catch the train to the CBD. Is that a stupid idea? I need to be able to get my car after work within max 20-30min from the CBD, drive to Darlinghurst, attend a course and drive home.

Thanks in advance!!!


hmm, redfern and erko aren’t great for parking, as there isn’t much untimed parking available.

Perhaps Park In centennial park? its not a far walk to the city or a short bus trip.
the 373 or 377 get you to cbd or 376 or 372 get you to central all go via CP

one side of wilson up near carriageworks is untimed, though need to get there earlyish to get a spot, ive lived around the area and newtown for years and never bothered to get a parking permit

Sounds good, is 7am earlish enough, what do you think?

Depends if uni is on, after trying to park in exactly this area for five years during my degree - sometimes it can take a loong time and you end up with a 2hr spot.

like droz says it can be hit and miss, though if your going to catch the train into the city its easier from newtown station, more trains going through, im living near alice street now, and heaps of parking all day, its only thurs-sat nights i may have to walk a bit to get home, but then again, im driving a troopy, so quite a number of spots i see ive never got any chnace of actually fitting in, its a funny spot for parking, seems like one side of the steets are 2 hours, the other is open slather

Thanks guys. I guess I will just give it a try tomorrow morning. I will let you know how I went.