Parts bin fixie

I have some wheels with some old school Kinlin rims, if I can find some 36H hubs I was thinking of putting together a set of wheels with those. They’re heavy as balls but I think they’ll be pretty bombproof.

28mm Thickslicks, FSA Gossamer crankset, Ultegra bottom bracket, I made my own quill stem adapter, have a short Ritchey stem and some 580mm wide rizorz. Brooks saddle maybe, need to track down a seatpost yet (25.6mm dia)

Satin black rattle can paint + stickerbomb

Spent some time hand filing last night. Put a bit of a chamfer on all the edges and cleaned up a bit. Axle clearance was a bit tight too, got that sorted.


Paintstripper next.




Had a couple of misses with the primer. Missed a spot to start with then got a dirty big run when I went to patch that up. Then sanding out the run went back to the bare metal. To smooth the primer off I rubbed it back with a scouring pad, that seemed to work well because I could get right into the corners/welds without fear of taking off too much of the primer like wet & dry seems to do.

Looking good now though. Too good for a spray bomb paint job? I dunno, I always seem to second guess myself part way through a project…



Got 4 coats of colour on it!


Still haven’t got a hub for the rear wheel, rims are 36h.

Did you paint inside the BB and headtube, and on the fork steerer? Or was is masked off.

Headtube and BB didn’t get painted, but I did put some on the steerer as it was all bare metal. I’ll probably have to take the paint back a bit with wet & dry where the crown race sits before that gets assembled.