Parts bin fixie

I thought I should put together something fixed gear before I get banned :laughing:

A steel frame of unknown origin is the victim. It’s not exactly lightweight so not really anything special, was a roady before someone cut off the derailleur hanger. Which was pointless because it has vertical dropouts. OK, had vertical dropouts.


Have we forgotten magic gears and eccentric bottom brackets, this place has slipped…

Didn’t have any in my parts bin :wink:

I’m no frame builder but surely it would be wise to remove the dropout to the seatstay tabs and replace the full piece?

What glue are you using?

trick question, hot glue only glue

+1 for removing more of the drop out being a good idea - Hulsroy's Hustle (Comment 14624577)

Brazing or TIG?

what is happening here

fixie summer 2021

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Perfect for a RoadToPista adapter


a sweeeeeeet conversion is what’s happening, ahhh the memories


not enough flaming happening.

Mine is better though because it keeps the bottom bracket at the same height :laughing: thinking of patenting as “RoadtoPissed”



@partsdepartment TIG’d them


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Why outside? inside on a 127 or 130 road with 4 or 5mm plate and you won’t have to re-space for 120

I like what you’ve done. Seems like a good idea to cut the original dropout and then weld your track end to it. Genius.

I imagine that if you tried to weld the thick track end to the thin seat stay + chainstay, that you’d blow through it.

Where it’s bolted on the outside was just a bit of a joke (google roadtopista).

I had it bolted there so i could scribe the cut line on the existing dropout. With the new pieces welded in place the spacing is 135mm. I’m not sure if this frame has been cold set before but it will pull it into 120mm, whether it likes it or not.

Thoroughly impressed so far. What’s the plans for the rest of the build?