Parts for new bike: is this a good combo?

I’m ordering some parts for my new bike, what does everyone think of these (ordering everything from Anything I should change? Anybody have anything secondhand that they want to sell?
The only parts I have so far are wheelset, forks, headset, seat.

Profile Air Wing Handlebar
Black, 26.0, 40cm HB409B20 In Stock $44.16 $44.16

Easton EA70 Stem
120mm, +/- 6 Deg, 26.0 Clamp ST402A01 In Stock $20.98 $20.98

Garneau Arm Warmers
Medium OW703D00 In Stock $16.57 $16.57

Cinelli Cork Bar Tape
Black GR707B00 In Stock $9.94 $9.94

Sugino Single Speed Crank Arm Set
Black, 170mm, 103,110 MM, 5 Bolt CR308Z01 In Stock $71.90 $71.90

Titec Nomad Baggy Short
Green, Medium SP273B01 In Stock $33.12 $33.12

Carbon Headset Spacers
Carbon, 10mm HS707Z01 In Stock $3.31 $6.63

Sugino Cartridge BB Set
English, 103mm BB407A05 In Stock $40.85 $40.85

SUGINO75 Chainring
Silver, 144mm, 48 Tooth, 5 Bolt CG300A01 In Stock $89.01 $89.01
Total: $333.16

Is the sugino crank 110 BCD and you are getting a 144BCD Chainring?
Best to check :slight_smile:

ah, cheers for pointing that out. the BCD on the crank is 130, BCD on the chainring is 144.
anyone know any more potentially expensive mistakes i have made?

i made a boo boo and ordered a bottom bracket with 115mm spline length, but the cranks specify 110mm spline length.
does that really matter?

Your chainline will be out by 2.5mm. Might need to put the chainring on the inside of the spider

"SUGINO75 Chainring
Silver, 144mm, 48 Tooth, 5 Bolt CG300A01 In Stock $89.01 $89.01 "

Could, alternatively, support an aussie business and buy from cycle underground. Cheaper, too.

i didnt know cycle underground sold sugino chainrings

Check the same items on a few other websites like Wiggle, PBK etc and see if the price differs. I did that this morning with a few things and saved 25%.

Shop around first.

Any reason it has to be sugino?

…(didn’t check the BCD, is it 103 or 110 on the sugino cranks?)

I know CU cuts 110 bcd but not 103.

Buy the right BB to go with your cranks – it will save you headaches later. It’s not quite as simple as just putting it on the inside of the spider. This is one of the more important things to get right from the start – as it will noticeably affect the way the bike rides. Also check your frame to see if it has British or Italian threading for the BB.

The brand of chainring doesn’t really matter – so long as you get the right BCD. If its 130BCD, then get a 130BCD chainring from cycleunderground in the tooth count you want. This is highly recommended – they are great chainrings:

Also check the width of the chainring – 1/8 or 3/32 – doesn’t matter which you get so long as the chain, chainring and rear cog are the same size (1/8 is track standard, but heavier than 3/32).

And do you have the right stem for your fork/headset? I’m guessing from what you have listed that this is for a 1 1/8" threadless? Just check you don’t need a 1" threaded quill stem (you might if its an old steel frame, probably not if its reasonably new).

EDIT: it’s probably cheaper if you buy a miche crankset and miche BB from They are quite nice, and the crankset comes with a chainring. And with the BB you will get the right chainline. And it’s free shipping:

i ended up getting a sugino crankset with chainring, so there are no issues with the chainring fitting the cranks. the miche crankset looked nice but was twice the price of this one, and i probably don’t really need an expensive crankset.
i’ve got 1 1/8" threadless forks, so i know that fits.
i bought the SHIMANO UN54 BB 68mm english thread which has the JIS taper, which is the same as the crankset, and it was only $20 so it’s not really a problem if i have to get a new one.
the description on the site about the crankset says that it is for 1/8" chain (although the actual name of the item on the order would suggest it is 3/32, guess i will just have to see what it actually is when it gets here), and i bought a 1/8" chain and my rear cog is also 1/8".

Yeah cool. Well if you have 1/8 chain, then it will work with a 3/32 chainring fine anyway – it’s only a 3/32 chain on a 1/8 ring that is the problem. Sounds like you’re sorted.