Party.. Aussie Nash 7pm 31st October


Soo… As Dave drunkenly told most of you at polo, I’m (Chris) going to South America for a year, leaving 7th of November.

Which means… PARTY! 31st of October at Australian National at 7pm… (Aussie Nash) Dinner and lots of drinks at Aussie Nash, then eventually we’ll migrate/imigrate (dave, andy etc) into the city somewhere… Maybe fridays, maybe not… Who knows… You’ll have to come to find out.

Dress code is whatever you like, bitches invited aswell :evil:… However… Being Halloween, I will buy a drink for the best dressed Halloween costume.

Sooo… I expect everyone to come, dressed up, with their women in tow!

Seyas then.


So… who else is going to help me make sure my bro is smashed?

come on… 58 reads and no replies? Are you all boring?

I have an important dinner at Tattersalls Gentlemen’s Club. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mrs Ant and I are both coming along. You guys getting dressed up for halloween?

But remember… Best dressed get’s a drink from Chris!