pasta ... brought to me by Cinelli !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew it tasted extra good :wink:

Cinelli Australia, Condell Park NSW 2200 - Wholesalers - TrueLocal

I might call them up and ask if they have any Pista bits to go with my pasta

…and don’t forget the pesto…

They’ll send it all via Il Posto?

i thought the thread title was a typo, and lol

it has happened in the past-o

You picked that brand just because of the importer’s name right? Or just a happy coincidence?

Find the olive oil they import, might be good for greasing bearings!


Spaghetti alla puttanesca?

Bike whore.

somewhere between a puttanesca and arrabiata is what I mostly cook/enjoy. I don’t add any tomato sauce and use just fresh tomatoes, usually a lot more hebs but it was late. Chilli, garlic, anchovies, capers, etc etc Parmesan gets added at the table (of course) + table wine and bread. Simple, quick and good.

Cafe de Keirin >> The pasta btw is Delvedre and for a packet pasta I like it a lot. I’ve been eating it for a few years now and only just noticed becuase they had a sticker with their details instead of it bring in small print. Maybe it’s grey market pasta from wiggle to cut out the local importers ???

Should take Nikcee and Blakey to the Cinelli Factrory in Condell Park when they visit - haha !!! :wink:

^ you’re odd but you are cool

Why go to Cycle Underground when we can see boxes of NOS Cinelli! See you next weekend.

but wait there’s more …

Ever present coolio Angel(hair) Garcia of Cinelli Only has pointed out some Cino Cinelli olive oil replete with a real Badge !!!

Cinelli Only: Cino Cinelli Olive Oil

I might have to buy some more of the Masi wine that I had last Xmas to complete the picture !!

Guess I’ll have to bring one of these: