PATEBURY - Hand-made Australian Bicycle Components

Who are these guys, in Syndey right?

Something about this image makes me laugh:

^ Ha! I was just looking at that site. Were you reading Fyxo?

This pic made me laugh (nice Clamont, though):


You Mlebo’s can’t spell.


The cycling and cultural centre of Australia?

I’d quite happily live there.

My home town. Great beaches

Cam and Joram are rad dudes, and the straps are good quality stuff

These look very nice, but I don’t get why they’re attempting to include straps for “demanding track use” in their range.

Clearly much more suited to the cafe / city commuter / tweed ride crowd - why don’t they just say so?

The combination of retro looks and no toe-clip rub on your nice leather shoes could be a winner for that particular niche.

Wollongong? Isn’t Primate frames Tarn down there now?

Yes, and the Unanderra Velodrome which celebrated it’s most famous moment when Blakey and NikCee raced upon it when it was converted as a part of the CX course. Heady days …

Tarn is in Balgownie. Darn nice spot although that hill just behind him I have no intention of ever riding up.

That hill is nasty to drive up, or down. It’s just a beast of a thing.