Paul Components RHub

At last, a sweet high flange modern road hub, looks real nice.

The RHUB is a high flange hub for use with ten speed cassettes.

We’ve partnered with Industry Nine to create a cassette hub that marries our hub shell, axle, and bearing adjustment system with their premium Mountain Freehub.

The drive mechanism has two sets of three pawls on a sixty tooth ratchet that provides 120 points of engagement at just 3°. What this translates to is a freehub that responds nearly instantaneously to rider input.

The splined freehub body is compatible with 10 speed cassettes from Shimano and SRAM. The axle can be adjusted to 130mm or 135mm in length.

The large solid flanges provide a solid base for wheel builds with their large diameter and nearly symmetrical spacing.

An oversized aluminum quick-release axle supports the hub on three sealed bearings, along with a massive 40mm bearing supporting the freehub.

The RHUB features our simple bearing adjuster ring for hassle-free maintenance. The freehub is simple to disassemble for service, and can be converted to run on just three pawls instead of six for lower drag and less noise (but with a 6° engagement).

Pure p0Rn.
Want a set of these to TB14s for the Brian Rourke. Would be nice if they made them with Passion.

This old thing?

Proto on Paul’s personal bike, early 2011:

A WI hub is ~100g lighter, $150 cheaper and proven to be rad, plus there’s a passionate option.


WI hubs look way nicer too

I have WI’s on my roadie and love them.

However as I pointed out on another thread the Paul hubs have option for bolt on axles including disc ones.

[QUOTE=Blakey;467819]This old thing?

Proto on Paul’s personal bike, early 2011:
Nice watermark

surely the amount of engagement points is a little over the top for road use?

No mention of bolt on options for the rhub. WI also take 11sp campy or shimano.

I guess they do a 170mm fatbike version though. And it is lighter than Phil cassette hubs.


Just trying unsuccessfully provoke you. Continue.