Pays to wear a helmet

this has been seen by everyone by now but still holy shit!!

Mountain Biker gets taken out by BUCK - CRAZY Footage - Only in Africa - YouTube

you were watching the news werent you?

I’ve always wanted to do that to someone…

a kid at my school did a running fly-kick at some other kid as he rode through school; he got expelled. when we asked him why he did it his response was “for fun”.

fuck yeah

was said fly-kicker asian?

nope, WASP

Unfortunately, I don’t believe a helmet is going to help you much in these kinds of situations.

Maybe faux-pas to bump this thread but whatever. 60 second ad - YouTube

^^ are you joking or??

How would a helmet not help? When he falls to the ground it could stop him suffering a fatal blow from landing on a rock, or even hitting his head on the ground. Even when the buck hits him It is still providing a layer of protection.

unless it was covered in cable ties

You bumped this 3 week old thread for this?!?

hahahaha classic tomhall

fuck, i just spat all over my hand LOL’ing at that