PB+PW=joy joy joy

My new ride.

Thanks to Shifterbikes, CTA and Fyxomatosis for the Phil/Velocity wheels I won during the Melburn Roobiax.

Also thanks to Bonnie Belly for a great deal on the frame.


Looks sweet Des, love those grips too!

Very nice work Des. Should go very well on the singletrack.

Very nice Des.

Great Bike Des…

Can I have a go…?

P.s. when are you going to get it some drop bars ? The Track is calling for this one, don’t worry about your dodgy back, it’ll grow back :slight_smile:

Or get seize in a position that only allows you to ride down on the drops so then, you’ll have to ride on the track all the time… :smiley:

Sure you can have a go. As you know, I love to share :wink:

As for drop bars, I’ll invest in some when I can afford them.

There’s not much clearance in the fork for anything bigger than a 25mm tyre. So singletrack duties will go to the Atala.


V Nice Des. Red ones go faster.

Rode her into work this morning. She’s a fast beast indeed. Quick, tight geometry and lots of toe overlap make for a very fun ride. For those thinking about Phil hubs … yes, the rumours are true … they are very very smooth.


Ahh the blingening continues.

Looks tight :slight_smile:

looks good. you wasted no time getting it together.

Yeah, that was quick-as work Des!

I skip a Saturday ride and all of a sudden you’ve got a brand ‘new’ bike!!!

She does look nice, and that tyre clearance looks almost as tight as the Regan?

Pity about those pedals though, I wouldn’t mind taking her for a ride either (I’ll join the queue…).

lovely des!
i won’t ask for a ride.

Yup, the frame got delivered at 4pm Mon. I had it built up by about 6. The handling is similar to the Regan. But there’s alot of downtube tyre clearance and very little fork crown clearance.


   I may have you covered there......!  We shall talk :)

Atala… More singletrack… great, as long as the Hillman’s headset lasts, for anouther blast…

Don’t forget about those Waddell forks! Dull yellow in blue and white could just work :slight_smile:

damn, that is a really nice ride des, good work.

i wondered who picked up bonnie’s frame so fast :slight_smile:

… beautiful

i’ll be asking for a ride too when i get home!

ciao, n

So do you know when that will be?


So do you know when that will be?


He’s just pining. Spare a thought for our bikeless friend.

Des: 2008!

853: Yeah, I am pining… Seriously, it’s beyond a joke now!