PDW Takeout™ basket

Bought one of these from Wiggle as they had them for a very good price.

The wife snaffled it for someone to give to me as a birthday present so only got to have a good look yesterday.
My plan is to mount it onto a set of FSA XC-270 rizors (600mm wide) on the 1x8 mtb but I’m having issues with the width of the basket, width of the bars and interference with the brake levers.

Most of the bikes that PDW show the basket attached to have townie/3spd bars.

Does anyone have one of these baskets installed on rizors?

I’m running that basket on my bike currently, different situation though. Nitto risers and no brakes. Narrow bars and it works well.
I’m going to try fit it on my commuter with road drops this weekend.

Running this basket on Nitto straight risorsz as well. B201AA’s i think they are. Cut really narrow with NOBR AKES and NOWO RRIES.

Yep, looks like I’ll put it on the pub bike with coaster brake for now.
Handy for a takeaway sixer of crafties :wink:

i’ve got one of these on a bike with rizors and front and rear trigger shifters, fits with no worries. biggest problem i had was that my thomson stem faceplate was a really snug fit in between the mounting brackets.

might have to just angle your brakes downward a little more that usual maybe?