Pedal seized in carbon crankarm

I know it’s Christmas, but I’d love done help before tomorrow morning…

I just went to take off the pedals off my Campy square taper carbon cranks and the pedal insert itself is threading off along with the pedal. The right side came off alright. I’m definitely loosening the left the right way.

I think I might’ve forgetten to grease the pedal spindle when in a rush, quite stupidly.

Any tips please?

Cheers and Merry Christmas!

Try a penetrating oil. You might need a few goes over a period of days. Finish line have a product called chill zone which I’ve used with varying success - it’s good with rust.

long story short, the crank is fucked. if the insert is coming out, remove crank and then salvage pedal any way you can. those cranks had pretty high failure rate.