Pedal Tension

Have thought about it for quite a while now but can’t come up with an answer myself. Why are you actually able to adjust the release tension of clip-less pedals, especially on road ones? Mine are still on their factory setting and I wonder why I would change it. Because of getting unclipped accidentally? Does that happen? I ride fairly aggressive every now and then and never did my shoes become unclipped. Not on my track bike (with Time pedals where you actually can’t adjust the tension) nor on my road bike with Shimano pedals. This lets me wonder why would I want to opt for a tighter tension? Wouldn’t I just make it harder to get in and out of my pedals? Is there an advantage of a tighter pedal that I haven’t considered?

I reckon it feels more secure with high tension. I usually do mine up until you almost can’t tighten anymore.

I guess it’s to accommodate different people wanting different tensions.

I, for one, love to have the tension cranked right up. I pulled a foot a few times running Look Keo’s a while back. Even with the tension wound right up it’s not enough so some people wear a strap as well.

Try loosening it all the way off, then try it cranked up.

That might help out.

Have pulled a foot a few times on the track bike, mostly due to cleats being well worn. I tighten up the pedals a turn or two each time it happens. Must get those new cleats one of these days though :slight_smile: