Pedals fixie review

are these pedals any good for my fix?

JetBlack MTB

If we say no are you going to bombard us with alternatives ad nauseam?

But: no.

They’d be okay if you’re going to be using straps though?

But if you’re doing that, you don’t need to spend so much. A pair of Odyssey plastics ( or something would be fine.

So from a cost perspective, no.

First decide what sort of foot retention you want to use, then pick your pedals.

  • straps and toe cages?

  • fat straps?

  • clipless?

what shoes u going to wear? i’d b going fat straps

idk about fixay pedals but raceface chesters are goooooood

If you really want to join the club, Time ATAC pedals with Giro Privateer shoes for every day and some Chrome Truk Pro shoes for when you need to dress up a little.