Pedals for the Track

I’m currently running Shimano SPD’s and 10 year old mountainbike shoes, and I think it’s time to upgrade.

I’m probably getting a pair of Sidi road shoes, but as for pedals I’m not really sure.

I was thinking about speedplays, but have been told they’re not that great for the track. So what would people suggest?? Are straps really needed?


Unless you’re Jobe Dajka, there is no need for straps as modern pedals are really secure anyway. For instance, I use the 2007 Ultegra pedals which now incorporate a wider platform, ala Dura Ace. They’re damn sweet, and not overly large so pedal-strike shouldn’t be an issue. I have always used Shimano, so I have no idea about the other manufacturers.
Having said that, if price was no object, you’d want <a href=“”>These</a>

They’re about as porno as track pedals come :slight_smile:

I’m using Speedplays and love em! Mine are the older style ‘X’ series which are probably not the best since they float all over the place. Also, when the springs in the cleat wear flat (like mine) they rock a bit side to side, but I’m no Jobie - they work great on the track :slight_smile:

The newer ‘zero’ ones have a much better c-clip that does not appear to wear quite like the X series do. A few guys on Tuesday at DISC use them and they all swear by them… Dunno if that helps at all.

I’m a clips and straps man.

Have used my 05 Ultegra pedals as well and they work fine.

porno for a pedalphile?

[ok sorry]

Hey Nath, don’t pretend you aren’t turned on by those pedals cause I know you are :smiley:

Try the Keywins…they come with a locking pin option for when you are on the track…then press the pin and it disengages for float and unclipping on the road.

oh, and they are super light

While on the topic, are there regulations about which pedals you can run at DISC? Currently I have MKS’s with double straps thought could also change back to SPD’s if needed?