im pulling parts off a bike of mine and my pedals wont screw off, on my other bike i can easily screw them off but on this one it wont budge.
really want to get them off because these are a very good crankset so do any of you know what could be wrong? i cant be bothered going to my lbs.

You know that threading is different on each side, right? With a pedal spanner, down towards the front of the bike.

yes i know that

WD40? that usually does the trick for any hard to budge stuff.

have you tried going to your LBS?

^he cant be bothered

Do you have a proper pedal wrench? Or at least the longest wrench you can find for better leverage. And try soaking it in WD40 for a bit to help penetrate the threads. A specific penetrating fluid will be better. Also search for stuck stems, stuck seatposts etc … same concept and there are a few threads here …

even the slightest bit of effort will resolve this

Probably been crossthreaded on there and are now shagged.

i got some very old pedals that were stuck by pouring boiling water on it. could work. also try putting a piece of pipe over the spanner handle for leverage.

Had the similar issue last night. Just a few sharp taps on the spanner with a mallett and it loosened enough to be able to unscrew them - seemed to work just fine (but my crankset is shitty so i didn’t care if i killed it).

angle grinder

Take the crank arm off the bike and put it in a vice, it’ll provide a much more stable platform for you to get your muscle on and put some real power through the spanner to get the pedal off.
Put pieces of wood between the clamps on the vice so you don’t ruin your crank arm.
May require a crank pull.

I used an angle grinder on some shimano exage cranks one time.
Actually, I’ve used grinders on many, many bikes. I can help you out, come to my house.
Further than the lbs, but there’s more bikes and porn at my house.

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