Pedroza Pista

***Listing on behalf of my brother - user fixed27

Here it is fellas

Got this frame from oh-nah a few months back, the whole frame was chrome. Decided to do something a little special as I had no idea what make the frame was. Tubing is columbus with columbus tips.

Decided to go for the classic italian pista styling, leaving the fork and rear triangle chrome. Made up my own set of Pedroza(my last name) decals and added some columbus stickers from cyclomondo. Extremely happy with how it all came together :sunglasses: Rides super smooth

Here’s the specs

Frame/fork: 51 square columbus tubing
Wheelset: Velocity Deep V’s / Suntour front
Cranks: Galli Pista 165’s w’ suntour superbe 46t chainring
Pedals: MKS pedals and clips w’ christophe straps
Seat: Turbo with italian seat post compliments of Jolan
Bars: Risers w’ nitto stem and ourys
Headset: Tange Seiki
Chain: KMC cool

awesome job! great colour, and its set off with the decals.

where was the paint done? also, how did you do the decals?

WOW!!! :-o that’s some fine work there mate, well done, she’s gorgeous :stuck_out_tongue: I just love the chrome fork and stays.

Love it. Good work mate.

wow that bike is soo frikin clean! does it have the velocity front wheel or the other one at the moment? the deep v looks better in my opinion

Thanks for the feed back guys, :smiley:
icecream- the paint was done in my backyard and the decals through my printer.
jt.mcrae- Yehh i have the suntour on atm but popped the tube in the front velocity, so hopefully get it back on soon as its a hole lot stronger.

I took it for a spin through town tonight and it runs super smooth and fits me perfect.

awesome bike dude, great job on the paint!

bike is super good
not bad for a 16 year old :lol:

Nice work.

Nice build. What happened to the bike you picked up at the swap last year?

Frame is getting a nice coat of quicksilver, took the nasty powder coat off it and found suntour stamped on the dropouts and nevrex on the bb shell. I figure it must be pretty decent.

May be up for grabs in the coming weeks as Im coming to terms with the fact that its toooo big for me

Oh — Shit.
Can I have it back now?

Looks beautiful.

Glad the seat post came into good use!

Looks hott.

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

hey man what size is it. i might be interested if you are gonna let it go

[quote=jt.mcrae ]

It’s 57c-c seat tube and 56c-c top tube, pm me if your keen?
If silver isn’t your thing you could choose another colour

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sorry man i need something a little bigger. but thanks anyway

realy nice build man, what did you paint it with, rattle can, home powder coat or sumthin else?

very nice, looks great :sunglasses:

Uruguay rocks the house :mrgreen: