Why do pedestrians just assume that because car lanes in the city are banked up in the morning, it’s ok to cross. Even if you’re also crossing a bike lane. I bowled an older woman over this morning on Collins St. She crossed the street, cut through idle cars and walked right in to the bike lane without turning to look… even when I yelled out. I hit her quite hard, hard enough to throw her to the ground. Admittedly I was more concerned about the damage to my bike than her. After the initial shock I went to offer some assistance and she got up by herself and began abusing the shit out of me. Like I was meant to look out for her blah blah.
I asked her - if the bike lane was banked up would she just cut through that and walk out in to the car lane without turning to look? She then had nothing more to say to me. :smiley:

Pedestrians walk the way they do because Jesus is their Co-pilot!

they just ‘use the force’

fuck man. that’s ruff. even if you hit someone and they’re clearly in the wrong it’d be still quite upsetting, i’d imagine.

When I watched her turn in to :evil: after she got up off the ground my sympathy for her diminished. She scuffed my chrome forks too!

Saw this cock-head on Brunswick St riding a fixie last night (no lights, no brakes, no helmet, no idea). Why does every hipster have to wear a fucking flannelet shirt?! He almost knocked over a girl crossing the street. She said ‘Sorry’ but clearly he should be the one saying sorry especially since he couldn’t ride in a straight line or indeed stop properly… all he could manage was this pathetic little skid which did nothing to reduce his speed. I think that is what disturbs me most when I see people riding brakeless- people who clearly do not have the skill or skidding ability to stop quickly. I mean in a real emergency (car pulling out or instance) I got the distinct impression that guy would be fucked…
I actually saw him doing laps of Brunswick St, up and down like he was showing off… aaagghh!!!

You could try a bull bar on the track bike, I hear they’re good at cleaning up PD’s…

I’ve given up screaming at them, because then they turn and look like a blinded kangaroo on a country road at night!

I hit a Barrister in full Barrister kit last year on William St, in pretty much the same situation. Thankfully he was cool about it, I was terrified he would use his Barrister powers on me.

it astounds me how many people will ride at night without any lights.

Cool… was he jaywalking? That’s when you drop to the ground holding your back. Then sit back and wait for the ‘out of court settlement’ cheque!

last week i hit a guy who was jay walking.
came round a corner at an intersection, my green light, solid red for him.
expensive suit, phone in his ear, briefcase. obviously an important man with too much to do to wait for the lights.
hit him at about 20, knocked him right on his ass. i just managed to stay upright.
he gets up and starts screaming the foulest abuse you can imagine at me.
apparently i’m a dead man, and he’s going to kill me and my family.
i’ve pulled over and i’m waiting to see when this idiot is going to have his go when…

a cab comes round the corner and hits him at about 20. up onto the bonnet, hits the windshield, back onto the ground.
he gets up again and starts kicking the fuck out of the cab.
i rode off.
rode past 10 minutes later and there’s cops all over the place and the moronic meat post being loaded into the back of a cop car.
he tried to assault the driver.

Lupine, does this happen to you every day? How come you didn’t share such a sweet story before? Hahaha

Cool… was he jaywalking? That’s when you drop to the ground holding your back. Then sit back and wait for the ‘out of court settlement’ cheque!

Hahah. Yeah he was Jaywalking (cant even obey the law he’s meant to defend)… Should’ve faked an injury, then Today Tonight/ACA would have been following me “Un Australian cyclists: Dole Bludging injury faking road hoggers. Taking hard working Australians taxes” or something like that. At least I was on my roadie and not brakeless fixed, could have been a prob.

not every day, but often enough that i have reached the opinion that meat posts are a lower order of intelligence. somewhere on a level with cabbage.

not a single work day goes past without either someone trying to door me, or some random ped leaping out in front of me.

Why are you working the streets today???

i’m not.
i got his week off, except tomorrow when i fill in for brett.
back at work next week.
still in at the shop on the week end tho.

Pedestrians are just drivers without their cars.

Except there worse because they are less predictable, which makes it that much more fun when ride through a crowd :smiley: