Peloton NJS

Peloton / NJS / 55 / 1992

Handlebars / Stem - Nitto Dynamic 80/ Nitto Rb-021
Fork / Headset - Peloton / HattaSwan Super Deluxe
Hubs / Rim - Dura Ace / Velocity Deep V
Crankset / Bottom Bracket - Sugino 75 / Sugino 75
Saddle / Seat Post - Crosslake / ebay special
Pedals / Straps - Cheapos
Gearing / Chainring - Dura Ace Cog 16t/ Sugino Mighty Competition 46t

thats really nice man well done,
what bar tape is it tho?looks weird

Nice n’ clean.

I’m into it.

Proof, yet again, that bullhorns can look shit hot. Nicest build i have seen in some time.

Digging the horns a plenty :slight_smile:
Very nice build!

Super nice!

Its actually electrical tape, not really a fan of bar tape. I wear gloves, thats enough grip for me.

clean as. turf the bullshit horns though.

loving your bike man looks so clean

if not a fan of bar tape try using innertube ghetto tape, i never use anything else. i love the drop bullhorns, the only horns to rock if they have to be.

not a fan of the bullhorns but still think this thing is sexy as hell!!

i do believe i saw this in the group heading to the north melbourne checkpoint in royal flush??

yep, you sure did, i had staight bars on though. so glad i changed. These really do put you in so many possies.

nice work with the build, she looks great.