Penny Farthing Races

saw on prolly, thought you guys might enjoy, guess they dont have to worry bout pedal strikes


Isn’t there a race held every year in some small town in Australia…?


Yup, Evandale, TAS.

That female team shown during the credits!!!

There’s talk about a ‘race’ down the old freeway from Eagle on the Hill in Radelaide. Sounds nuts to me.

Penny Farthing - the original fixed gear bike.

The thing that really freaks me out about Penny Farthings is the fact that weight distribution means accidentally applying the (spoon) brake too hard will result in a face plant from a very great height. Climbing up into the saddle also seems to be a challenge. However, I imagine that the gyroscopic effect of the rotation of that large and heavy wheel would help stability.

don’t forget your sitting over the bars too, crazy shit

For those of you scared of a full size penny, this is worth riding. 29er up front and now a 12" in the rear :stuck_out_tongue:

thats is the coolest thing ive ever seen

If you see this in Rundle St. hit the guy (Dmac) up for a ride. It’s sweet.