Percian Cycles online prices

Hi, long time lurker here looking for some interwebz enlightenment …

I came across Percian Cycles while looking for a Campag groupset but their prices look way too cheap - half that of Ribble. Am I missing something? Occam’s razor and my inexperience in online shopping would say so, although I wouldn’t mind if they were legit…
If anyone wants to sell me their Chorus/Record group that’d be nice too.


is this the site on bike exchange,
If so they are in indonesia and its way to cheap and must be fake.

^^^ yup, refered from bike exchange, yup in Indonesia … as I thought.


100% scam, quick google will answer that!

Yeah, fair call, I don’t buy much online and got a bit bamboozled by the site, or maybe I was just wishing a little too hard for it to be legit and didn’t want the illusion broken…