Perfect, I love it

Where is here some web gallery about site creators?
I’m need it.

For example, as here - Google, I’m really have seen it

Good luck!

Sorry mate, but I don’t have a clue what your on about?

I make more sense when I am drunk with a bottle of jack daniels in my hand, and trying to do backwards circles and no-handed skids at the same time (along with trying to light a ciggie).

If you want some ‘web gallery’ of the site creators (Primz, 853 & Rhino), go and have a scroll over at

We all have our pictures and bikes there…

Smells somewhat like spiced ham but I’m not entirely convinced yet.

a young Franklin Pierce?

  • Joel

damn, that is some random spamming… its almost too off the wall to delete



spamming for google? Why bother? Google is a verb for god’s sake.

  • Joel

google are down on traffic, didnt you hear?



Its unlucky that the link doesn’t work…that would have been too funny.

Aren’t they in trouble for having to many links to Porn. Apparently they make most of their money this way…