Perkins Hillman pursuit track

We need to get this one back to Aust…

Perkins Hillman pursuit track frame+650 front wheel | eBay

Looks to be Columbus max maybe???

nice! i want a frameset with curves!

but hillman + perkins?

^ Looks like someone grafted the rear end of a Perkins onto the front end of a Hillman.

And painted it Ken Evans Pearl

Not Max but its very, very nice indeed. Postage would be a killer though

Nice! if that frame could talk…

are you sure it’s not max? the tubing screams max to me

I dont think its max.
But damn it sexy bit big for me,
Some one please bring it home.

Forks are MAX, not the rest though…

very lovely indeed

i have no reason to doubt master coffee on his knowledge of max, but my old max had similarly massively ovalised chainstays, as well as similar down and seat tubes that ovalise on their way to the beefy bottom bracket. maybe the dude i bought it off tricked me by whacking on columbus max stickers…

i actually really want to know what tubing that is now

Seller said its

Columbus TSX special CrMo tubing.

Extremely tempted to get this.