perkins track

nice, but a tad optimistic on the price me thinks

Wants $2,800. Doesn’t list the size…

Not including wheels or chainring

Chain and cranks aren’t mentioned either way.

Reynolds 953 stainless??

Looks bloody nice, $2800 ain’t going to happen any time soon though.

Yep 2800 is a little ott, but I remember Daryl telling me how he actually did that aero form on the tubes. Basically two halves of carbon glued on with stuff they use for racing yachts. He said it was the biggest pain in the arse to do and took forever.

Shame it’s such a nice bike. If he’d put a bit more effort into the sales pitch and brought down the price to 2k it’d go in a flash


He’s also selling Rudy Project Noyz sunnies for $30. Strange.

And this Fixed MTB…
On-One fixed Wheel MTB | eBay

I dunno. It’s got perfect balance control.

Could on-sell that too.

I bought some perfect balance control on eBay once - it was shit so on-sold it.

Does this just mean he has a power balance bracelet?

Think I recognise it, looks a helluva lot like Reece Van Beek’s bike. If I’m right it’s big, around about a 60. IIRC he was trying to flog the frameset a few years ago for around a grand, Seller’s name is r-evb?

^and if I’m right it’ll be 853, not 953

(edit: cos the bike pre-dates 953 y several years)

Correct. The seller is r-evb.

i reckon you’re right. knew it looked familiar.

I nearly bought that frameset myself at one stage. It’s a thing o’ beauty up close.

It is Reece How to Install Carbon Glue Rim Tape Stronger than glue! - YouTube

… and price jump to $3.5K

I rest my case