Perth CBD to Freo

Hey guys, wanting to get from perth CBD to Fremantle/Hammy Hill area in the mornings (train is too fuckin packed!) Was wondering if anyone could suggest/recommend the best route. I noticed there is a bike path along the freeway on the river side. How far does it go? Was thinking maybe if it goes to South Street that would be the best route? Or maybe Canning Highway straight into freo? Not super keen on riding in morning traffic though so dedicated bike paths would be much preferred! Cheers

I ride from the southern side of hammy hill every day and take forrest road, skirt north around bibra lake then onto freeway path. Mostly it’s a fairly stress free route and the roads are not stupid busy or too fast.

Ok no worries. I wasn’t sure how far down the freeway path goes. Do you know of any websites that have a map of dedicated bike paths?

I don’t like riding down south street past North Lake Rd In the morning, To many loose units and the footpath is shithouse.

I’d say Canning is better then South Street, Not sure what traffic is like heading that way though.

The path goes all the way to Mandurah as far as I’m aware.

Plenty of disjointed info here:
Active Transport

Forrest road is fairly convenient route wise for me. Some days I go through freo, cottesloe, dalkeith, nedlands etc. Is about 2 or 3 km longer though.

DO NOT do canning highway. Traffic is choked on there already and once you hit Bicton it’s all killer hills.

If you want to stick to bike path most of the way, follow the bike path that leads from Perth to subi, then follow the train line all the way down past Claremont til it spits you onto the road. You will have to ride along the road for a bit but there is a bike lane/shoulder. I do this all the time, no worries.

Or go down Mounts Bay road and turn into Nedlands for the scenic route.

Or take Hoonz’ advice. He lives in Hammy Hill and does this EVERY DAY

Awesome, cheers for all the info guys! Will try out Hoonz route and the subi-claremont route as HLC said, see which one seems best for me.

yeah, avoid the highways, not worth it unless you can smash hills and are a keen traffic dodger.

subi-clare is super nice and the traffic can build up but its not unwieldy ever

maybe you and hoonz should pair up in the mornings and night. lol

Haha could do, only I would be doing Perth to Hammy in the mornings.