Perth messenger jobs?

Hi, I am a Canadian visiting on a working holiday visa this upcoming August.

Just wanted to see what the current work situation is like and which companies to approach. Also wondering if this is common (similarly, I have couriered in Toronto and Calgary in Canada and have met 4 Aussies on the working holiday scheme in the past 4 years).


Peter Buco!

The couriers generally hang out at the corner of King St and Hay St in front of a restaurant called ‘CBD’ opposite Prada.

Talk to some dudes.

Thanks for the tip!

What companies would you recommend? From my sleuthing it seems like Mercury, Bring it, and T & C might be good places to start. It doesn’t seem like any companies are “advertising” for push bikes; wondering if showing up at their office might show them I’m actually serious to work :o


Fast Track Couriers

Toll Group - The Asian region’s leading provider of integrated logistics services homeheading | Toll Group

These guys also have vacancies section. There are currently no vacancies.

T&C Couriers Perth Western Australia - One Call Does it All! 1300 361 381

All the best

Thanks for the leads!

I am staying at a hostel right now in Maylands, but hopefully I can find any messenger-type work to stay in Perth through till next year.


Still no luck, looks like CTI and Toll are booked up. Anyone know if there are spots opening up i the near future?

I’d be willing to offer some of my bikey possessions for any leads.