Perth's f#&$ed. Let's move to Canberra.

Not really, I don’t mind Perth but in any case looking to move to Canberra in 12 months with my Partner prior to the glint in the corner of my eye coming into reality.

We have both never been to Canberra, bit it’s proximity to National Parks, Mountains and high levels of education and a relatively low median age all point to us enjoying the change of scenery.

So whilst this is in the early stages, it would be good to get some first hand knowledge about the town.

Where should we look at renting?

I’m an engineer by profession, anyone work in the industry? How is the job market?

How is the cyclocross / bike packing / general booze filled shenanigans in Canberra?

Bit of an open ended question really, just looking forward to any advice associated with the move really.

Paging the Mayor, Mayor of Canberra, you’re required in this thread.

Hello! I can answer most things for you - the employment question might be a bit hard to answer at this point. Can you let me know some sort of budget for renting and your must haves etc? I can offer a few suggestions then.

I moved from Perth 6 years ago and have #noragrets.
We are spoilt for choice for bikepacking. There’s heaps that you can ride to from Canberra, or hop in the car for 2-3 hours and go to Jagungal, Thredbo, Blue Mountains, Budawangs, or any of the parks near the coast.

I have no idea about the engineering job market here but if you have experience working for government/on government projects then that’d be super handy.

Most good.

I’d say 350 to 450 a week, more or less depending if we both get a job for the move. The main requirement is for somewhere doggo friendly. Centralish is always a bonus.

Having a dog is going to limit you – not only with apartment or townhouse living, but because it is so competitive out there for rentals, most specify that their property isn’t pet friendly. You will be able to get a unit (1 bed, 1 bath) in the central suburbs for the top end of your budget but obviously this isn’t good for pets. I have had a look at some of the more central suburbs for you and there really isn’t much.

Will you have a car? If so, then the whole central thing won’t matter as Canberra is very easy to drive around once you get to know the city.

Now onto the other things
Cyclocross - We have a series here that is put on by the Canberra Off Road Cyclists (CORC). Cyclocross Archives | CORC: Canberra Off-Road Cyclists It gets a good following and is run by some very passionate CXers

Bikepacking - Is alive and well with many groups and individuals heading out for a ride. BigAdz is your man to talk to here.

General booze filled shenanigans - Canberra has a good selection of unique bars but one of the things that we don’t have a great deal of is ‘the local pub’. We do have sports clubs with pokie machines (blergh) and bizarre taverns that are a bit on the rough side. I am a little unsure of what else to say here, it really depends on what you are after. We have access to great craft beers, a few breweries in town and in Summer there is a weekly meet up of a bunch of cyclists for a bit of a ride and a couple of froths after. Like most places, Canberra has it’s own personality that you will grow to love after you understand it.

I am a huge fan of the city, I have lived here my whole life and feel no reason to leave. It has everything I want and as you would know, the beach and mountains are close by.

Have a look through that allhomes website. That is where you will find all available rentals. Shout out if you have any questions for particular suburbs.

Oh, I forgot. There is a Canberra division of Engineers Australia - not sure if they would be helpful for you to ask a few questions for employment in the ACT. I recently completed some signage work for their building, so you know it looks good.

The keys to the city from the Mayor himself, thank you very much.

In regards to the booze filled shenanigans, you were on the right page. In general a fine beer, coupled with riding is what I am after. Though I do like a good bizzaro tavern.

The signage work does indeed look good.

For booze: The Old Canberra Inn is great, especially in winter.
Bentspoke has good beer and the food has improved but it doesn’t have such a good atmosphere.

Try the strong beer taster and then you can create your own atmosphere… Man I got drunk very quickly.