Peter Bundy s/s

put together the little peter bundy frame i bought off vee_dub at the deus swap meet.
it’s a reynolds 531 frame, 47cm seat tube/50cm top, painted in a sort of pearl lilac.
bits: saddle and cranks off my fuji track, cheapy brakes off ebay, chopped risers and ourys off my written off track bike. wheels are velocity aero on suzue front hub and harris cyclery branded formula fixed/fixed rear (with freewheel ftw).

Midget huh?

Nice one :)…your girl must be happy about it. :smiley:

yeh, shes 5 foot. just. i put the seat up for the photos :stuck_out_tongue:

and yeh, she’s very happy with it. thanks again freddy.

great colour

didn’t mean to call your girlfriend a midget by the way :slight_smile:


My gf is short, 43cm frame, 650c wheels, nominally a junior bike (next my 54cm)

i eyed off a couple of those junior frames. just missed that junior track frame that ended up in the window of that shop in melbs for $800 or whatever. i reckon 44 or 45cm seat tube would be spot on, but i’ll take the 47 for the moment.

nice one! great to see that frame put to good use :slight_smile:

Cool rebuild. Some possibilities for my small Lennie Rogers track bike… that I can’t bring myself to sand blast (just yet).

nice! will the paint polish up at all? cos that would look sweet with some vintage rims.

or you could sell it to me :stuck_out_tongue:

…. Can’t sell this bike! I grew up riding this when fixies weren’t cool and having gears was…. Man I had derailleur envy!