Peter Bundy Track 55

Peter Bundy track frame orginal No Reserve!!! | eBay

not proficient with a camera

also lol at ‘colombuc tubing & cintelli lugs’

NikCee, finally selling the workhorse.

don’t think this is Nik’s…It’ds in Sydney and is the wrong colour.
Freakin’ sweet though, FOA has to strike on this one.

Legit and quite nice. Built by Jim & a little too big for me, so I’m out.

Nah I was joking. Nik’s is heaps grubbier :smiley:

However, I think he should buy it for MrsCee.


im quite tempted (and its pretty much the right size) but i have overseas adventures coming up and already have an unbuilt track frame hanging on a wall that deserves priority.

I’ll do the pick up, pack, ship if it’s for you :wink:

13 min to go.

Still at 103.50.

nice frame. it it were local, i’d have a punt.

$200 and 2mins to go. guessing it’ll go over $350

$250! cheap. hope someone here nabbed it.

topped out at $255…v cheap ^^


And sold on to Smokin’ Joe as it’s too small, but couldn’t let this one slide.