Peugeot for bits?

vintage mens road bike | eBay

Almost worth the BIN for bars, stem and cranks alone?

Pretty much EXACTLY the same Peugeot as my dad used to ride (high end components, tubs and all!)! Dumb kid should keep it!!!

Why strip it? Its probably a nice frame too.

I’m thinking maybe even a PX-10?

Something about the fork doesn’t look original. Too hard to tell from the crappy pics … but crappy pics can sometimes avail great buys.


Now to strip of those ugly gears and probably pop some B43s on!

Are you being ironic? Suntour Superb Pro = Ugly?!

B43s (shakes head)… oh dear.

Just joshing. The Suntour is the reason I bid in the first place. Hopefully the frame is nice and straight. Now I just have to find a nice wheelset to finish it off.

There’s nothing wrong with the wheels that are on it already bro, I’ve got a good feeling about the frame too.

Oh thank god. I though you were gonna break my heart.