Peugeot PX-10 fixie

$1500.00 for this?

This is your classic over-upgraded fixie dilemma. Seriously, the seller should just sell the components seperately rather than a complete mish-mash. :expressionless:

Oh, and if the seller reads this, don’t take it the wrong way (the sellers always find out about these damned threads lol… :wink:)
The problem is that just because you spent lots of money on your customised bicycle, doesn’t necessarily mean others will want to pay the same. To be fair I notice there is a ‘best offer’ option as well, but still…

it’s called over-capitalisation.
from what I can tell, the spec list in no way justifies the BIN price unless those bars are worth $700-$1000. The only interesting thing about it is the B43 on White ENO hub. The rest is entirely standard fare.
Good luck to the seller…

It’s no PX-10 either!

eddy didn’t need provision for mudguards… neither did the PX-10

That’s a dogs breakfast if ever I’ve seen one!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Don’t you mean value is in the eye of the beholder?

Eddy never rode a PX-10

He rode a Masi-Colnago-Kessels-DeRosa something or other with Peugeot paint :wink:

just about every old peugeot that people want mega $$ for claims to be a px10. could be a px 60 or so