Phat assssssss.....

Is there anyone out the riding a fat bike other than Keith?

I’ve got a mate here with a Moonlander and have ridden it a few times, so rad.
He pre-ordered it and got one of the first in the country.
I thought it was a going to be a fad bike but he’s downsized his stable and rides this a lot now.

There are some pretty cool, long beaches in SA and I’m thinking overnight & multi-day beach cruising.
Looking for some input on tyre size, frame materials.
The Pug-Ops seems a good option, wider rims but sticking with 3.8" tyres but I’m not sure how steel will fair longer term with lots of beach riding.
Kona, Salsa & On-One are doing Alu frames and 170mm rear hubs. Is this better?

I borrowed a mate’s Pugsley for a month…wrong size, but loved the fat thing so much that I bought a On-one Fatty.
Haven’t even got to the beach yet, but just love riding my standard MTB tracks on it.
I have found it very forgiving over rocks/rock gardens/roots for a fat old man with limited MTB skills…but I have leant it to mates with skills and they can’t get the smile off their faces either.
Hope to get to the beach soon to really put it into the ‘proper’ environment

i’m keen for one. Salsa Beargrease XX1 would be sweet, however the Mukluk looks alright too and van be had under 2k.

Have been using Moonlanders here on Desert sand dunes and XC trails, absolutely love it. Want to chuck some racks on one and take some camping gear out into the desert, just because.


Is the offset fork worthwhile?
Would you run a single speed front as a just in case scenario?

Rode a couple of early Pugsleys and didn’t much like 'em but I really dig my buddy’s Moonlander and I want one. Haven’t gotten forensic about what’s different between them.

Riding on beaches is weird

Its kind of cool but so much of the same scenery and no up/down messes with your brain, how long have you been riding? where are you? mindfuck

The bike will squeak within 30 min of being near the ocean, you’ll need to carefully wash it down afterwards.

fatbikes are fun, I think the beauty of them lies in riding with a bunch of other dudes on fatbikes. I’m keen to travel with mine and do some snow/desert/overgrown forest trail crawling and camping trips

Don’t sweat the materials/specs too much, just grab one and ride, the On One fatty is actually pretty damn good value for money, and is a little more expendable if you want to do lots of beach riding

So what didn’t you like about the Pugsley?

Is 3.8" phat enuff?

It may have a bit t do with the Geo, which is a wee bit different between the two. Tyres may also have been a factor, the BFLs felt a bit less squirrelly to me then the old Larry. Entirely subjective impressions on the overall feel. I didn’t get too forensic like I said, but I’d probably analyse the shit out of it if I were closer to buying one.

Edit: found this useful piece

Just as an aside,
When I bought my on-one Fatty I also bought the 29er wheelset that they have for it, just for Bikepacking etc.
I now have a fat bike with 26x4" and a more normal expedition bike with 29x2.4" in the same package…
I know a lot of people don’t like ‘compromise’ bikes, but this thing is just a fun bike …phun bike?

I have been looking at this as an option.
Surly now sell a couple of pre-built 29er wheels with a 17.5mm offset for the Pugsley.
And a matching front on their 135mm front hub. Both with Rabbit Hole rims.

Did find this while looking around. It’s a bit out of date as the Pugsley doesn’t some with an offset fork anymore.
I’d prolly get the matchy matchy offset fork if I got a Pug so I could do a single speed front wheels and IGH rear.

Have ordered a bike, might be here before Easter.
Went Salsa.


Carbon fat bike seems excessive :stuck_out_tongue: - Mukluk2

So 170mm rear spacing, same as Keith’s On-One.
Salsa have an adapter for the Alternator dropout to run a 135mm spaced, 17.5mm offset rear wheel if IGH is required. HopeTech & Paul both making 170mm hubs too.

First ride with 29er wheels today…still can’t get the smile off my face…on-one fatty is just a fun bike.
Bikepacking the Noosa trails over the long weekend…not sure if the 1x10 will be enough for thE varied terrain, but will just go for it and possibly make changes later…