Phil BB to Sugino 75

Quick question to those running this set up 108 or the official 110.5?

It’s an ISO BB right?

I think sug 75’s are ‘officially’ 109, a mil or two either side isn’t going to be a drama. I run my 75s on a 107mm miche.

Just make sure your BB has an ISO taper…

I’m running 108, no probs so far.

I searched through a bunch of forums and bike shops looking for the same answer last week, 108 or 110.5, and found either can work fine. In the end it really depends on

a) the chainline measurement of the hub/sprocket
b) the width of your chainstays

i’d say for a “regular track bike” you’d go for the 108mm, but:

  • for a wider than usual chainline, you’d obviously go the 110.5.
  • if the bike’s chainstays are particularly wide, maybe on a surly frame or an older conversion, then you might have to shift the whole assembly over to the right a bit to stop the chainring clashing. for this you’d either go to the 110.5, or just move the 108 over to the right and deal with your cranks being a few mils off to one side. i don’t even know if that would be noticeable.

With the dollar so good I was tempted to spend up on a Phil BB too. I’ve since decided on a looseball one instead since this bike won’t be in the rain much, and I like tinkering with things.

loose balls are pretty good… i have a sugino superlap and its killer once every 6 months i degrease it and repack it… no dramas…
the right BB for the 75 cranks is a 109mm spindle but +/- 1 1/2 mm an’t going to have much of an impact… maybe a little more noise.

that’s wha…

Thanks for the responses, I should have explained this better but i was just leaving the computer, I meant phil ISO “official” not Sugino, I am aware you can run both without trouble, I was just wondering if anyone on here had experienced any difference. I hate noise no matter how little.