Phil Wood and Dura Ace Lockring


I am planning to get a philwood cog just wondering since PW lockring has a lip but DA lockring dont, does it matter?
Also anyone have experiences do you need spacer and where can i get spacer??


Your post doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I’ve used a few Phil wood cogs with dura-ace lockrings and never had a problem. I think the Phil lockrings have a lip so that they can be used with small sprockets.

  • Joel

awesome… yer other forum confused me abit. Dont worry you just answered my question :D.
Do u used dura ace hub as well??


i have run phil cog on campy record, novatec (and phil) without spacer and cannnot see why you would need one on DA. phil just do not make skinny undersized anything

spacers are readily available at lbs anyway, i got one in a BB, but thats another story

Ok thanks rogaine…

I have a set of DA hubs running a phil cog and the stock DA lock ring.

Works fine. :slight_smile:

aawesome thx buddy…